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At Varsity Pets, we believe that dogs thrive in an active environment.

We believe that the lives of pets around the world can be drastically improved through the use of fitness concepts.

We believe that the canine obesity epidemic is the single most under-appreciated animal welfare crisis in the United States today.

And we’re committed to leading the quest to stop it.

We are the Leaders of the Canine Fitness Revolution.

It is our mission to create innovative products and services that help busy dog-owners use health and fitness concepts to make their pets’ lives as long and happy as possible. We’ll teach you how to feed, exercise, train, and interact with your dog in order to optimize his or her experience in the world. Then we’ll arm you with the tools you’ll need to make a healthy life fun for both you and your pet.

We were founded in 2011 by an ultra-endurance athlete and lifelong dog-owner who was sick of watching the canine obesity epidemic silently kill millions of pet dogs every year.  We are 100% American-owned and our products are made 100% within the United States.

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