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The Varsity Ball is the world's first 110% Guaranteed Indestructible dog toy. It's designed to provide high-energy dogs with an exhausting physical workout without any need for human interaction. Your dog wants one, trust us.


Drool Fuel is the world's most scientifically-advanced canine sports drink. By encouraging pre-hydration, it protects canine athletes, working dogs, and active pets from deadly dehydration and overheating. It also replenishes exhausted canine bodies with glucose polymers, amino acids, antioxidants, and B-vitamins. It's fueled hundreds of working dogs and at least seven world-champion canine athletes.


Our founder spent more than four years investigating the science behind what it means to make a dog happy and healthy. Then he took all that he had learned and wrote the most rigorous science book ever written about the modern dog food industry. Get yourself a copy today---you'll never look at a bowl of dog food the same way again.

Leaders of the Canine Fitness Revolution

At Varsity Pets, we believe that dogs thrive in an active environment.

We believe that the lives of pets around the world can be drastically improved through the use of fitness concepts.

We believe that the canine obesity epidemic is the single most under-appreciated animal welfare crisis in the United States today.

And we’re committed to leading the quest to stop it.

We are the Leaders of the Canine Fitness Revolution.

Daniel Schulof

Daniel Schulof is an entrepreneur and science writer with a focus on exposing the conflicts of interest, bad faith, and shoddy science responsible for the chronic disease epidemics killing millions of pets every year. His 2016 book Dogs, Dog Food, and Dogma has been called “the most rigorous and probing canine nutrition book ever written.” He gives […]

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