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Does the Bulldog Need “Saving”?

Over a charming photograph of a squat English bulldog, the cover of the New York Times Magazine recently asked its readers “Can the Bulldog be Saved?”  The accompanying article was written by the immensely talented Benoit Denizet-Lewis and it reflects both the warmth and thoroughness which ordinarily characterize his journalism. The article was an exposé […]

How to Use Dog Strength Training to Avoid Joint Injuries

[Like this post? Want to learn more about how to keep your dog healthy and happy? Check out Dogs, Dog Food, and Dogma, my book from Present Tense Press. Kirkus Reviews calls it “remarkable,” “eye-opening,” “scandalous,” and “impressive.”] — Joint injuries are all too common in certain dog breeds.  Be they of the ligament, tendon, […]

Summertime Training (Pt. 2) — Canine Hydration

The Science of Dehydration in Dogs   All mammals require adequate hydration to maintain optimal functioning in a number of the body’s most important systems.  For starters, it helps us to remove toxins from the body.  Additionally, almost all metabolic reactions — the events through which nutrients are converted into fuel in the bloodstream — occur […]

Welcome to the Varsity Report

Hello.  Thanks for stopping by to read the Varsity Report. This is a blog about pet health and fitness topics.  The writers are animal enthusiasts and recreational athletes who have experienced firsthand the joy of incorporating healthy habits and fitness training into our relationships with our pets.  We started a company (Varsity Pets) and started […]