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INFOGRAPHIC: All You Need to Know About Canine Obesity

INFOGRAPHIC: All You Need to Know About Canine Obesity

Yesterday Varsity Pets launched an IndieGoGo campaign to create a mobile application and a book to help dog owners recognize, understand, and defeat canine obesity — the most under-appreciated animal welfare crisis in the country today.


(If you haven’t done so already please consider watching our video and pledging to our campaign.  If all the subscribers to this blog just donated $10 each then we’d hit our goal in one day! Oh, and we’re giving all kinds of unique rewards and highly-discounted Varsity Pets gear to our backers too. Thanks in advance for anything you can do to help.)

So why are we trying to make tools that will teach dog owners about the dangers of canine obesity? Well, because obesity is horrible for dogs and most dog owners don’t properly understand the danger.

More specifically, studies suggest that being just moderately overweight is deadlier for a dog than a lifetime of smoking is for a human being.  And yet, somehow, more than half the dogs in America today are overweight. Statistically-speaking, your dog is overweight.

Scary, right?

We well created a new infographic that tells the scary story about the canine obesity epidemic in a clear, intuitive, and highly-sharable manner.  Take a look, share it with your friends, and let us know what you think:

An infographic about the dangers of canine obesity.


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