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INFOGRAPHIC: All You Need to Know About Canine Obesity

Yesterday Varsity Pets launched an IndieGoGo campaign to create a mobile application and a book to help dog owners recognize, understand, and defeat canine obesity — the most under-appreciated animal welfare crisis in the country today. (If you haven’t done so already please consider watching our video and pledging to our campaign.  If all the subscribers […]

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Low-Cost, Low-Carb Dog Food

[NOTE FROM DGS ON 12/3/17: Three days ago (nearly four years after this post first appeared) something happened that materially changes some of the content that follows: KetoNatural Pet Foods finally began taking orders for Ketona, a truly low-carbohydrate kibble product. Ketona Chicken Recipe for Adult Dogs contains less than 8% carbohydrate, and that’s about 75% less than other leading “grain-free” brands. It […]

The Missing Link Between Canine Cancer and Canine Obesity?

First of all, if you’re at all interested in this topic, you really ought to check out Dogs, Dog Food, and Dogma, my book about the science (and business) of canine health and obesity. If you don’t think it’s the most honest, rigorous, in-depth, and all-around helpful book you’ve ever read on the topic, I’ll refund 100% of […]